This table shows the Finsens Investment Consultancy returns* for the different risk profiles. The presented returns are gross. This means that the costs that are related to asset management have not been deducted.


Risk profile 2013   2014  2015 2016 2017
Very Defensive -0.69% 2.51% 0.00% 6.24% 3.80%
Defensive 2.48% 4.84% 2.26% 5.62% 4.20%
Neutral 6.85% 7.16% 4.52% 4.99% 4.50%
Offensive 11.23% 9.48% 6.78% 4.37% 4.90%
Very Offensive 15.60% 11.81% 9.04% 3.74% 5.30%


For our services, we charge a fee related to asset management. We make sure that these costs are transparent as possible for our clients. Clients pay an advisory fee or asset management fee on a quarterly basis which is withdrawn from your investment portfolio. Any distribution fees Finsens Investment Consultancy receives for the funds in your portfolio are credited to your account. We take note of the fact that the total asset management costs should remain within a reasonable bandwidth. The bandwidth we take into account stretches from 0.5% to 1.6%. This includes all costs (management fee, custody fee and transaction costs).

As a private investor you often pay an initial charge when investing in mutual funds. The most common method is to withhold a certain percentage of capital invested. Normally the amount varies between 1% and 5%. As your independent asset manager, Finsens Investment Consultancy is able to buy investment funds for institutional tariff which means that there are no upfront charges for our clients.

* Achieved returns in the past are no guarantee for future returns, they only indicate historical performance of our model portfolios.

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