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What are our specialisms?

Wealth management

Do you want to invest to create capital for you retirement? Or do you rather invest to create a higher return than the average market return? Finsens is able to look into your personal and financial situation in order to assess the right investment strategy. Different financial instruments are considered in order to come to a portfolio which suits your situation.


Are you moving to a newly bought home and would you like a mortgage? Does your current mortgage need a new fixed interest rate and do you want to switch banks? Or are you in the market for a property to rent out which you would like to finance with a buy-to-let mortgage? Finsens is specialized in both residential mortgages and buy-to-let mortgages.


Finsens: trusted advisor for 25 years

Finsens was founded in 1993 as a financial consultancy firm. Since its establishment, clients and their financial queries are the center of attention. Finsens strives to provide service and advice of the highest quality possible through up-to-date market knowledge, meeting possibilities outside office hours and proactive contact from our advisors. In 25 years, this philosophy did not change and Finsens has built an extensive client group.

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