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Buy-to-let mortgages

An interesting investment opportunity is the purchase of a house to rent out immediately. A rental house provides return in two ways: direct return from the monthly rent you get from letting out the house and indirect return from through a potential value increase in the market value of the house. Due the low interest rates, the increasing house prices and an increased responsibility for one’s own pension, the buy-to-let mortgage is an alternative way to build wealth. When you are interested in a buy-to-let mortgage we will assess together with you your opportunities based on your financial situation and the requirements for the buy-to-let mortgage.

Important requirements for the buy-to-let mortgage:

  • No minimum income requirement
  • Residential property
  • Financing up to 80% loan to value of the market value in rented-out state
  • Financing up to 80% of the purchase price if lower than the market value
  • Until 60% interest only mortgage, 60% to 80% linear mortgage
  • Mortgage cost depends on the yearly rental value of the apartment

Please contact us if you would like to receive more information regarding a buy-to-let mortgage.

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