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House purchase

Who does what during your purchasing process?                                                         

When purchasing your dream home there are many things that may be unclear for you. It will be easy for you to know the tasks of the parties involved during the purchasing process. This is why we have drawn up a list for you, on which it is stated who these parties are and what their tasks are during your buying process.

Assessing your personal wishesV    
Calculating the maximum mortgage amountV    
Indicating the related gross and net monthly expensesV    
Providing information and contact with the estate agentV    
The information about the new housing supply v  V
Arranging viewings of the house V   
Purchasing a house             
Negotiating about the price v  V
The structural inspection V  V
Drawing up and signing the provisional purchase contract V  v
Making a detailed analysis of your personal situation wishes and future plansV    
Calculating the exact  gross and net monthly expensesV    
Requesting and assessing the mortgage offerV    
Offering the valuation assignmentv    
Mediating with regard to the mortgagev    
Drawing up the mortgage deed and the deed of transfer   v 
Assessing the mortgage deed and the deed of transferv    
Registering the mortgage deed and the deed of transfer in the Land Registry Office   v 
Taking care of completing documents such as a bank guarantee and (if necessary) the bridging loanV    
Assisting with completing the health statementv    
The administrative settlement with the money lenderV    
Taking care of the total settlement   V 
Assessing the total settlementV    
Advising about the will/cohabitation contract   V 
Advising about additional insurances, such as buildingsV    
and home contents insuranceV    
Taking care of the request for a provisional income tax refundV    
Advising about your total financial planningv    

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