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Would you like to get an impression of the maximum possible mortgage loan you are able to get in the Netherlands? By using our online mortgage calculator you can calculate your maximum mortgage.
Calculate your maximum mortgage here

Easy to use Dutch mortgage calculator

By filling in the right data you will receive an estimate of the maximum mortage you will be able to get, your monthly costs coming with that mortgage, an overview of the sharpest interest rates and a top 5 of mortgage lenders. Feel free to contact us concerning questions about the mortgage calculator, or to make an appointment for consultancy.

  • calculate your maximum mortgage

    Calculate your maximum mortgage

    Calculate based on your current income situation an indication of the maximum mortgage you are able to receive. The calculator takes various factors into account while making its calculations, including your gross income and that of a possible spouse, the purchase price of your house, any additional costs, your own input and the kind of mortgage you wish to get.

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  • montly mortgage costs

    Monthly mortgage costs

    What will be your monthly mortgage cost with a new mortgage? Calculate with this tool the monthly cost of a mortgage. The estimations of your monthly costs will be calculated based on the same factors used for the calculation of your maximum mortgage.

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  • interest rate overview

    Interest rate overview

    Which provides the sharpest interest rate? In case you are able to refinance your current bank may not be the best option. Compare the current mortgage interest rates of the Dutch mortgage lenders.

    Interest rate overview

  • current interest rate top 5

    Current interest rate top 5

    The top 5 current interest rates in the market given you to in a clear overview. Please note that the interest rates in the overview may be different than the interest rates used at the moment of signing for the mortgage. The current interest rate influences the maximum mortgage you will be able to get.

    Interest rate top 5

Renting or buying as an expat?

As an expat who wants to live in Amsterdam or elsewhere in the Netherlands, you must make a choice: rent or buy a house? Both options have their pros and cons. While renting is the easier, safer and more flexible option, it is also the more expensive one. Buying a house is a more cost-effective choice, as your mortgage interest is tax deductible. Furthermore, every payment you make will increase the equity you have in the home. Our consultants can go through your options and advise you on the best course of action.

Buying a house in the Netherlands

If you decide on buying, you must first know the maximum amount you can borrow. This will determine the pricing range you can look for when finding housing in the Netherlands. There are several websites that provide an overview of available houses on the market, such as When you’re looking to buy in Amsterdam, it is advisable to hire a real estate agent. A real estate agent will help you find a house that meets your requirements, will do the bidding for you and guide you through all formalities. We are happy to refer you to our own real estate agency.

Getting a Dutch mortgage as an expat

As an expat you can get a Dutch mortgage with the same conditions as a Dutch native. There are no special mortgages for expats. It is required that you both live and work in the Netherlands, as well as provide the required information regarding your financial situation and personal live. Getting the mortgage will require you to bring in some of your own money as well. Together with other factors (such as your income and any debts you may have) this will determine the maximum amount you can borrow.

Independent advice on your maximum mortgage amount

As an independent intermediary we provide objective advice and are not bound to banks or mortgage lenders. Our advisors will closely evaluate your financial situation and take a good look at your personal situation and wishes. Based on that information we will provide you insight in your possibilities and advise you on them.

Calculate your maximum mortgage now

Calculate your maximum mortgage here

Independent and personal mortgage advice

A mortgage is an integral part of your financial situation. Therefore it is recommended to assess your possibilities when looking to get a mortgage to buy a house. As financial consultants we at Finsens are happy to advise you on the possibilities concerning a mortgage in the Netherlands.

  • Experience

    Our financial advisors have over 25 years of experience.

  • Independent

    We are focused on the client’s personal and financial situation.

  • Market knowledge

    We have perfect and up-to-date knowledge of the market.

  • Flexible

    It is possible to meet before and after office hours.

  • Amsterdam based

    Our office is based in Amsterdam and easily accessible.

  • For expats

    We provide financial advice for expats looking for a mortgage in Amsterdam.

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