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Finsens specialises in professional asset guidance and wealth management. Ever since the establishment we focus on capital appreciation and protecting your assets. Our specialities are the selection of asset managers and advice on investment propositions. Based on your situation and financial goals we assess your risk profile. Based on your risk profile the composition of your investment portfolio will be determined.


In the market we differentiate ourselves from other asset managers with the following features:

Cooperation: We work together with one of Netherland’s largest asset managers. This provides benefits with access to investment funds not accessible for most other asset managers or the general public.

Pension account: We are able to set up so-called Box 1 accounts for you in order to fiscally friendly built your pension. This means you can have both your savings invested and pension creation at one place.  

Expat services: Many of our clients are expats. As a result, we have the required experience and specific knowledge to serve this group.

Solid portfolio compositions and investment strategy: We make sure that there is a healthy risk-return relationship for your investments that matches your goals and wishes.

Direct participation opportunities: Finsens has an extensive network from which interesting investment opportunities arise regularly, such as direct participation in companies or real estate.

Personal approach: You can contact us anytime and we inform you proactively.

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Sophie Seesing

Senior Investment Consultant
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