The effect of repayments on mortgage interest rates

The interest rate is determined at the time of entering into a mortgage contract. The so-called loan to value (LTV) is an important factor; that is the ratio between the value of the mortgage and the value of the property…. Read More

Interest rate forecast

Short-term interest rate forecast The European Central Bank (ECB) has kept its interest rates exceptionally low for some time. The ECB needs to ensure that inflation in the eurozone remains close to, but below, 2%. However, in August, inflation was… Read More

Buy-to-let mortgages now available in the Netherlands

Expats often come to us asking whether it would be possible for them to purchase a rented apartment. Apartments and residences in the large Dutch cities are considered an interesting investment. In addition to rental income, an increase in value… Read More

New in Amsterdam: GAZUMPING!

In the Netherlands, acceptance of an offer constitutes a contract. Even if there is no written confirmation and the agreement has only been made verbally, it is legally binding in principle. With private purchase of real estate, it has always… Read More

Are investments indeed a good alternative for a savings account?

With current level of interest rate, lots of people are looking for a higher return by investing at the stock market. But what is the downside and is it responsible? Investing at the stock markets is not without risk. Especially… Read More